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Encountering the kind of situation where you feel you need to hire an attorney can be stressful, but it is essential to understand that by hiring an attorney, you remove much of the stress of your case from your day-to-day life. One of the first worries you might have is whether or not you can afford an attorney. 

Focused, Experienced Attorneys with a Track-Record of Success 

Important legal matters, such as an arrest, an injury claim, or civil litigation, require the counsel and representation of an experienced lawyer. According to the American Bar Association, the most important factor to consider when hiring an attorney is their experience. Attorneys are a lot like doctors, in that they focus on a particular area of practice. In the same way, you would not go to an eye doctor for your knee surgery, going to a law firm that focuses on business or civil litigation will not support the best outcome in your criminal or personal injury case.

Our attorneys will take the time during your initial consultation to determine if it fits with our unique skills and experience. If it does we’ll explain how we can help, and if it does not, we’ll explain what kind of attorney to search out. We only take cases that fit with the focus of our firm to ensure the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients. 

Effective Criminal Representation = A Brighter Future 

The difference between pleading a felony charge down to a misdemeanor, even a dismissal, or failing to do so can forever impact the life of an individual. The Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian understands the significant impact that the outcome of your criminal case will have on your life. We take every case equally as seriously, as we recognize that the life of you and your family can forever be changed by the outcome of a case.

In the context of your criminal case, the prosecution has the burden of proof to win the case, meaning they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you engaged in the activity you have been alleged to engage in. While some attorneys might advertise only their sensational acquittals, it is important to recognize that a reduced charge can be an equally significant victory, depending on the facts of the case. 

District attorneys’ offices do not have an endless budget, and the cases that they choose to bring to trial generally are those they view as having the best chance of winning. Without an experienced attorney by your side to challenge the DA’s case each and every step of the way, you may receive the most severe sentence possible, forever changing your life. 

Personal Injury Representation: We Only Get Paid if We Win! 

When you are injured as a result of the negligence of another party, you’ll generally be entitled to compensation for the costs and damages linked to your injuries. This includes the value of present and future medical costs, lost wages and earnings potential, and in some instances pain and suffering. A careful review of the facts and circumstances of the accident or incident that led to your injury, in addition to the present and future damages linked to your injuries is essential to determine the amount you are owed. 

Personal injury encompasses a broad range of cases, including:

If you have a personal injury claim, it is necessary that you prove the liability of another party involved in the accident or incident that led to your injuries. In legal terms this is referred to as negligence, which has four parts:

  1. Duty – another party must have some responsibility towards you in order to be liable for damages that result from an accident that they cause. For example, other drivers on the road have a duty to other drivers to stay safe, sober, and attentive while driving. If a driver is drunk, distracted, or violating traffic laws in an accident they cause that injures you, they will be liable for the damages that result. 
  2. Breach – an essential element of your case is the breach of duty on behalf of the other party. Keeping with the driving example, if another driver is drunk, they are violating traffic laws, and thus they are in breach of their duty to other drivers. 
  3. Causation – the breach of duty of the other party must be the cause of your injuries for them to be liable. For example, if another driver were speeding, and you ran a red light and caused a collision, liability could be shared, or you could be found at-fault for the accident. Working with a personal injury lawyer who understands how the courts and juries interpret the facts of personal injury cases supports the outcome of your case. 
  4. Damages – to collect compensation following an accident or incident caused by a breach of duty of another party, there must be damages to be compensated for. Generally, personal injury cases include medical costs including psychological care both now and into the future, as well as short-term lost wages and long-term lost earnings potential. In some cases damages for emotional and/or physical pain and suffering are available. 

In order to collect compensation for your personal injury, you need to prove that the opposing party engaged in these four elements of negligence to collect. The attorney for the opposing party will argue against each element of the case to avoid liability, and in many personal injury cases the opposing party is an insurance company with seasoned attorneys used to working exclusively against injured persons. You need an experienced plaintiff-side personal injury firm like the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian PC by your side to support the best outcome in your claim. 

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No matter how grim the future looks, having a strong legal advocate on your side, like Attorney Benjamin Arsenian, can make all the difference. For years, the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian has been providing top-quality representation to countless clients in the area with cases similar to yours. We are Santa Ana’s most trusted criminal defense and personal injury firm. 

As your representation, we are here to navigate you through this complex legal jungle you’re facing. Our attorneys are available to provide you with the information you need to determine if we are the law firm for you, and if your case is a fit, we are ready to get started. Our firm focuses upon two areas of law, criminal defense, and personal injury, with the decades of combined experience of our attorneys available to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. 

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At the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian, we give priority to helping you understand your rights and protecting your best interests. As a seasoned firm in Santa Ana, we have seen how the law can sometimes fail those who are the most in need. With us in your corner, however, you can be sure that we work doubly hard to help you obtain justice and the favorable outcome you deserve.

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