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Filing a Claim with Help From Your Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has experienced a long-term, life-altering injury, in an accident or incident caused by another party, you could be eligible to file an insurance claim to cover your damages. The evidence that you submit to prove the liability of the other party and your associated costs will determine the outcome, and amount, of your claim or case for your injuries. The process can be complex, and without the assistance of an attorney you and your family can end up with less than you deserve and have to cover associated costs out of pocket. 

For help filing your claim, appealing a denial, or bringing the insurance company to court to provide the compensation you are entitled to, reach out to a Santa Ana personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian. 

The Steps to Filing Your Personal Injury Claim 

While the unique facts and circumstances of the accident or incident that caused your injury will determine the specific steps and process your claim will take, the following steps are generally essential in most personal injury cases. 

1-Collect Evidence to Prove the Liability of the Other Party 

When the negligence of another party caused the accident or incident that your injuries resulted from, you are entitled to compensation. This means that the other party owed you some duty, that duty was breached causing injury, and you have measurable damages as a result of the injury. Examples of accidents in which the other party is liable include drunk or distracted driving accidents, or slip and falls due to unsafe premises for visitors. 

2-Gather Evidence to Accurately Measure Your Present and Future Damages

You can only collect damages that you can prove, and the way to prove damages is with the opinion of medical and occupational experts. The way in which your injuries will impact your personal life and ability to return to work determines the damages you are entitled to. 

3-Draft and File Your Claim in a Timely Manner 

Your evidence of liability and damages is then incorporated into a claim that you must file on time with the at-fault party’s insurance company generally. The insurance company may offer a settlement, or deny your claim altogether, depending upon the strength of your evidence and claim. 

4-Negotiate a Fair Settlement, or Take the Other Party to Court 

Once you have submitted evidence to the opposing party, they will do whatever possible to challenge your claim to pay as little as possible, if anything. The other party and if they have an insurance company their attorneys are working against your claim to pay as low a settlement as they can to save on costs. 

Discuss Your Personal Injury Claim with a Santa Ana Attorney 

For help through each stage of your personal injury claim, connect with a Santa Ana personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian. Give us a call at 714-400-2000, or contact us to schedule your initial consultation.