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Brain injuries can be caused by a broad array of accidents or incidents, and the resulting symptoms can be long-term and life-altering. An injury to your head that results in a brain injury can forever change the way in which your brain functions, changing everything from behavior to your ability to concentrate and work. Determining what your rights are is essential if you or a loved one has encountered a brain injury, as otherwise, the costs may come out of your household budget instead of from the liable party, and generally their insurance company. 

Your Santa Ana brain injury attorney from the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian is standing by to advise you on how to recover the full compensation that you deserve.

Brain Injuries Explained 

A brain injury is often referred to as a traumatic brain injury or TBI. The CDC notes that there were about 69,000 TBI-related deaths in 2019, averaging around 190 Americans dying each day as a result of TBI-related injuries. In that same year, there were 223,000 TBI-related hospitalizations. Injuries to the brain can result in long-term, life-altering outcomes, and if they were caused in an accident or incident that another party caused, you could be entitled to compensation to cover the damages linked to your injuries. 

A brain injury happens when your brain goes through: 

  • Bump, blow, or jolt to your head
  • A penetrating wound like a bullet 

Examples of this could be an assault where someone is struck in the head by a fist or other object, or a car crash where someone’s head hit the inside of the vehicle somewhere, or even struck the airbag. When the brain is moved inside the head and then strikes the skull or twists around putting pressure on the spine, permanent physical injury and chemical changes can happen. 

There are 3 main different sorts of TBI: 

  • A mild TBI, often referred to as a concussion 
  • Moderate TBI
  • Severe TBI 

Experiencing an injury to your brain can permanently impact the way in which your brain functions. This in turn results in substantial medical costs immediately after the accident or incident and ongoing medical care. Brain injuries will also generally impact your ability to work, and without adequate compensation to cover your loss of income and medical bills you and your family will have to shoulder that financial weight. 

Symptoms of Brain Injuries 

After an accident, it is generally best to seek out immediate medical attention, as the adrenaline of the accident can lead to injuries being overlooked. Internal injuries like those to the brain are also not superficially obvious, so expert diagnosis is helpful and important. If you have been in an accident or incident that may have caused a TBI, it is important to seek out immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following sensory, physical, or cognitive/behavioral symptoms after experiencing a TBI: 

  • Sensory/perception – sensitivity to light or sound, blurred vision, hearing problems including ringing in the ears, feeling anxious or depressed, mood changes or swings including unusual behavior or combativeness, fatigue or drowsiness, dizziness or light-headedness, base taste in the mouth, lack of energy or motivation 
  • Physical – headache, unequal eye pupil size or dilation, blurred or double vision, convulsions of seizures, 
  • Cognitive/behavioral – decrease in the level of consciousness or difficulty staying awake, loss of or change in consciousness that lasted anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, mild to significant disorientation or confusion, frustration or irritability, changes in sleep patterns like difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, and problems with remembering, making decisions, or concentrating 

Common Causes of Brain Injuries 

According to the CDC, research shows that the most common causes of traumatic brain injury are as follows: 

  • Falls – nearly 50 percent of all TBI-related hospitalizations are caused by falls 
  • The most common cause of TBI-related death is firearm-related suicide in the US
  • Assaults 
  • Motor vehicle crashes 

Types of Brain Injury Cases We Help Clients Collect Compensation On 

While a Santa Ana brain injury attorney from our firm can be a great fit for any brain injury claim, there are some particular accidents and incidents that we have helped a great many clients with. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience helping victims in Santa Ana recover the compensation they need to cover the damages linked to their injuries.

Our Santa Ana personal injury lawyers have helped clients be approved on insurance claims or win lawsuits in the following types of brain injury accidents and incidents: 

  • Car crashes – car crashes are some of the most common causes of recoverable personal injuries, and are also a leading cause of brain injuries, as even safety features like airbags cause blows to the head that can result in TBI. 
  • Motorcycle accidents – whether wearing a helmet or not, when a motorcyclist collides with another motor vehicle, there is a strong risk of brain injury. 
  • 18-wheeler crashes and large truck accidents – the size and weight of large trucks can lead to rollover accidents and serious injuries to passenger vehicle occupants, with some 4,998 large truck and bus accidents leading to fatalities in 2020 alone. In 2020 there were 108,000 injuries resulting from crashes with large trucks on the roads of the US. 
  • Pedestrian accidents – persons who are struck by motor vehicles experience a broad range of injuries, one of which is particularly likely and impactful in the long-term being TBI. 
  • Slip-and-falls – whether the fall happened at a shopping center due to a spill, or at a live event like a concert from poorly-secured wires, slip-and-falls lead to blows to the head, and traumatic brain injury can result. We’ve helped many clients recover damages from the insurance company of the event or venue to cover the long-term medical bills and lost earnings linked to their injuries. 
  • Product malfunctions or design defects – sometimes accidents or incidents are no fault of the individuals involved, but rather the manufacturing of a safety item. When a malfunctioning part like brakes in an accident or a broken safety device leads to brain injury, the manufacturer may be liable. It takes an experienced Santa Ana brain injury attorney to identify what parties and insurers may be liable for your accident or incident. 

Brain injuries that are long-term and life-altering can entitle you and your family to substantial damages. However, it is necessary first to prove fault, accurately measure your damages, then file a successful claim or lawsuit. 

How a Santa Ana Brain Injury Attorney Can Help 

If you or a loved one has a brain injury, the first step is to seek out immediate medical attention and then contact an attorney. It is important to connect with an attorney before accepting a settlement from an insurance company, as once you accept a settlement you can recover nothing further. The insurance company makes greater profit when they pay less on claims, so don’t expect that an initial offer of settlement will fully cover your damages. 

Your attorney performs the following essential functions in recovering the damages you are entitled to: 

  • Gathers evidence from opposing parties, medical experts, and the authorities to determine the fault of the other party or parties involved in the accident 
  • Helps you schedule appointments with medical and occupational experts to measure the costs of your injuries in terms of medical treatment and their impact on your ability to work
  • The identification of the appropriate insurance company to file your claim, then the incorporation of the evidence into the drafting of your claim before it is filed
  • Negotiating your claim with the insurance company, or if they refuse to be fair, taking them to court on your behalf 

Many of our potential new clients worry that they cannot afford our services, and that simply is not the case. We charge nothing for your initial case review, and if we take your case we take it on contingency, which means we are only paid if we win. You have no out-of-pocket expenses, ever. 

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The sooner you have a lawyer on your team helping you with your claim, the sooner you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Once we are on the case we take over the entire process of your claim, helping you when you need to be involved, and handling the rest on your behalf. Our experienced Santa Ana brain injury lawyers are standing by, and ready to step in on your behalf to help you and your family recover the compensation you deserve. 

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