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Brain Injury Claims Explained by a Santa Ana TBI Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries are more common than you might think, and according to the CDC some 223,000 Americans experienced TBI-related injuries in 2019 that required hospitalization, and in 2021 there were over 69,000 TBI-related deaths. A brain injury can result in long-term, life-altering symptoms and consequences, and also lead to substantial medical costs and lost earnings potential. 

Some of the most common accidents and incidents that we help clients and their families who have experienced brain injuries recover compensation for include:

Whatever the cause of the brain injury, it is the proof provided and the way in which the elements of a brain injury are presented in your claim that determines whether your application is approved or not. A Santa Ana brain injury claim has the following elements, which your Santa Ana personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian will cover as much as possible throughout your claim. 

Element 1 – Collecting Evidence

You are able to collect compensation for the damages linked to injuries resulting from an accident that was caused by another party. That could be a car accident caused by a drunk or distracted driver, or a fall caused by a defective elevator part. You’ll need to prove the liable party for the accident, and then prove your damages. 

Evidence must be gathered to prove the liability of the other party in the accident or incident that caused your injury, and to prove your short- and long-term medical and occupational costs. Your Santa Ana brain injury lawyer uses legal instruments to gather evidence on fault. We also help you schedule appointments with our team of experts concerning the medical and occupational costs of your injuries. 

Element 2 – Drafting and Filing Your Claim 

The benefits you might be entitled to are not automatically received, but must be filed against the party liable for the accident, incorporating all the evidence collected. 

Element 3 – Negotiating a Settlement or Filing a Case on Your Behalf

Your Santa Ana brain injury’s purpose is to ensure that you and your family receive damages sufficient to cover the medical costs and lost earnings that result from the brain injury. Our experienced Santa Ana brain injury lawyers have decades of combined experience and a proven record of successful negotiations, and winning cases when we end up in court. 

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It is best to do this before speaking with the insurance company, as their goal is to get you to accept a low settlement, while an attorney’s goal is to get you the highest possible compensation available given the facts and circumstances of your accident and resulting brain injury. 

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