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It’s an unfortunate truth that even after a citizen has repaid their debt to society following a criminal conviction, they often deal with the long-term ramifications of their criminal charge. They may have trouble finding a job, earning a professional license, or securing housing. This unwanted stigma, however, can be remedied with an expungement.

If you have a prior conviction and are worried about your permanent record, our knowledgeable Santa Ana expungement lawyer is ready to hear from you. At the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian, we offer cost-effective counsel for expungement filings and partner closely with our clients to ensure they stand the best chance of moving on with their lives without the burden of their conviction.

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Qualifying for Expungement

Not every criminal conviction can be expunged– in fact, there are very specific requirements for those who qualify for this process. However, those who do can then legally deny their prior conviction, both verbally and on official forms and paperwork.

You are NOT eligible for expungement if:

  • You were sentenced to state prison.
  • You were convicted of a sex crime.
  • You are currently on probation.
  • You have pending criminal charges.

As you can see, these restrictions rule out many felony convictions (but not all). If you still believe you quality for expungement—or are not sure whether or not you do– our firm is ready to hear from you. We can assess the details of your case and, if possible, navigate your expungement request to the swiftest possible approval.

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