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Non-Violent Crimes in Santa Ana

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Have you or a loved one been arrested for committing a non-violent crime? If so, it is critical that you start exploring your legal options immediately. While these offenses may not capture as many headlines as violent crimes, many of them are still considered felonies can result in significant, even life-altering penalties for the accused.

At the Law Offices of Benjamin Arsenian, Attorney Aresenian is a former prosecutor with an intimate understanding of our criminal justice system here in California. Our firm knows that many non-violent crimes can result in serious penalties and that these defendants need their rights and interests asserted before prosecutors, judges, and juries. If you or a loved one has been charged with a non-violent offense, we are ready to help you assess your defense options.

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What Is a Non-Violent Crime in CA?

A non-violent crime is one that did not result in the physical harm of another person, did not attempt to harm another person, and did not threaten violence on another person. These non-violent charges are often property crimes of some type but also include various other types of offenses described by California’s criminal statutes.

Examples of non-violent crimes in California include:

These are just a few of the many offenses that can be considered non-violent in the state of California. These distinctions—especially in misdemeanor cases—are critical when fighting for minimal penalties for the defendant under recent state laws that have reduced possible penalties for non-violent crimes.

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