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Can a police officer pull me over for tinted windows?

Let’s briefly recap:

A police officer may stop a motor vehicle on any traffic infraction that is observed. People v. Farmer (1968) 267 Cal.App.2d 500.

In pertinent part, California Vehicle Code section 26708 states:

“(a)(1) No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied upon the windshield or side or rear windows.

(d) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), clear colorless, and transparent material may be installed, affixed, or applied to the front windows, located to the immediate left and right of the front seat if the following conditions are met: (1) The material has a minimum visible light transmittance of 88 percent.”

A police officer who observed front tinted windows may be allowed to initiate a traffic stop only if the tint does not have a minimum visible light transmittance of 88 percent.

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