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  • NTSB recommends 0.05 DUI
    NTSB recommends 0.05 DUI

    Perhaps you've heard the recent slogan, buzzed driving is drunk driving? On that note, the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending a new, lower threshold for DUIs - 0.05 Blood Alcohol ...

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  • Personal Injury Settlements
    Personal Injury Settlements

    Most all personal injury attorneys will tell you that in 2011 the California Supreme Court severely curtailed personal injury awards to plaintiffs in their decision of Howell v. Hamilton Meats & ...

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  • Can religious beliefs be used as evidence?
    Can religious beliefs be used as evidence?

    In a recent trial the topic of witness propensity to tell the truth due to their religious and/or lack of religious belief was discussed. To recap, this issue is codified in Evidence Code section 789, ...

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