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DUI Checkpoints

Many Californians are surprised to learn that in 12 states DUI checkpoints are not conducted. Some states prohibit them by state law or Constitution (or interpretation of state law or Constitution). ...
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NTSB recommends 0.05 DUI

Perhaps you've heard the recent slogan, buzzed driving is drunk driving? On that note, the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending a new, lower threshold for DUIs - 0.05 Blood Alcohol ...
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DUI Forced Blood Draw

There are many tests in a DUI investigation. I am often asked, which tests are mandatory? Do I have to take a breathalyzer test at the scene? What about field sobriety tests? There are several field ...
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Personal Injury Settlements

Most all personal injury attorneys will tell you that in 2011 the California Supreme Court severely curtailed personal injury awards to plaintiffs in their decision of Howell v. Hamilton Meats & ...
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Can religious beliefs be used as evidence?

In a recent trial the topic of witness propensity to tell the truth due to their religious and/or lack of religious belief was discussed. To recap, this issue is codified in Evidence Code section 789, ...
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Can a police officer pull me over for weaving within my own lane of traffic?

Generally, weaving within one’s own lane of travel is not unlawful and without more does not establish lawful justification for a police office to pull you over. Under some circumstances, this ...
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Are license plate covers legal?

We see vehicles with license plate covers on a regular basis. These covers can be purcahsed at most automotive stores. An example of a typical license plate cover is depicted below. License plate ...
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Can a police officer pull me over for tinted windows?

Let's briefly recap: A police officer may stop a motor vehicle on any traffic infraction that is observed. People v. Farmer (1968) 267 Cal.App.2d 500. In pertinent part, California Vehicle Code ...
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Welcome to Our New Website and Law Blog!

Welcome to our new website and legal blog! Please check back soon for news and updates. An RSS Feed of the blog can be found here.
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