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Criminal Threats

As a former prosecutor, I can tell you first-hand criminal threats are difficult to prove. Prosecutors tend to bootstrap criminal threat charges with assault or domestic violence allegations in order to induce a plea bargain deal.

Code Section

Penal Code section 422 states

There are several defenses to criminal threats. Some include: (1) the threat wasn't a threat; (2) the recipient of the threat could not have reasonably feared for their safety; (3) the recipient was not in actual fear; and, (4) the threat wasn't communicated. To discuss specific defenses tailored to the facts of your case, call me for a free consultation at (855) 4-BEN-LAW or (855) 423-6529

A conviction for criminal threats can result in a three year prison commitment and a strike under California's Three Strikes Law. If you are arrested or currently facing charges for Criminal Threats it is important to contact a lawyer immediately.

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