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Car Accidents

When you're involved in an automobile accident it will ruin your day, your week, and your month. In fact, it can possibly forever alter the rest of your life. It's important to know where to go when you're hurt. I, Attorney Benjamin Arsenian, take an aggressive, personal, hands-on approach in helping my clients obtain the relief they're entitled to.

Very few attorneys understand the complexity of fighting for your rights in both civil and criminal court. For example, what if the driver who hit you was drunk? What if you're a victim of hit-and-run? Most attorneys don't know how to get money for you in criminal court while fighting for your rights in civil court. Other attorneys have never worked on million dollar cases. I have personally helped my clients:

  • Find caring and compassionate doctors
  • Avoid financial difficulty
  • Recover relief for property damage without attorney fees
  • Obtain compensation for:
  1. Pain and suffering;
  2. Loss of earnings;
  3. Future medical bills;
  4. Loss of mobility;
  5. Loss of consortium;
  6. Loss of enjoyment;
  7. Emotional distress; and,
  8. Punitive damages.

If I can't get you any money, then I don't get paid!

I will fight to hold guilty and liable parties responsible for your loss.

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